Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Days until the Big Anniversary Show

Yeah 10 days.

If I haven't mentioned it or you haven't figured it out the All Girl Summer Fun Band are not playing. They told me a few weeks ago and I let the venue know. It is kind of a bummer but Kathy and the Thermals got a sweet tour offered to them with the Cribs in Europe. Oh well that just means more time for the bands that are playing. So that is the bad news. The good news is the venue is going to be all ages for the night. So let all your underage friends know this is their one and only time to see these performances. I never thought I would get to see a Dear Nora reunion show or the Galactic Heroes perform again.

The line up is now

Dear Nora
Galactic Heroes

We are planning on a limited release to have for sale on the night of the show. It will be 5 7"s with 10 sides and 10 songs. Magic Marker bands covering the songs of other Magic Marker artists. 200 copies thats it. The songs list is

The Owls "Springtime Fall" (Dear Nora)
Walker Kong "Bells" (The Bats)
The Manhattan Love Suicides "Superboy & Supergirl" (Tullycraft)
Dear Nora "Air" (The Owls)
BOAT "Nosebleeders on the Track" (The Faintest Ideas)
Galactic Heroes "Former Hero" (Heikki)
Tullycraft "Welcome to the Big Ten Conference" (Vehicle Flips)
Birds of California (Lunchbox) "Kick It back" (The Manhattan Love Suicides)
The Gazetteers "Ordinary Day" (Lunchbox)
Kissing Book "Any Kind of Pain" (The Best Friends Group)

I am pretty sure we will have these ready in time.


Anonymous said...

so, sounds like that leaves a spot open for....Kissing Book?!!!!

magicmarker said...

i know! Kissing Book would be perfect. Unfortunately they declined. I don't think the members will be performing for some time. Its a bummer. I would really love to hear "superman vs lloyd". Or my favorite "on the third time" . I tried. believe me i tried.

now i have to go listen to that record again.

Anonymous said...

Wait.. wasnt Andrew Kaffer (Kissing Book) in the The Best Friends Group? Thats not Magic Marker bands covering the songs of other Magic Marker bands. Thats covering your own song! Mr Lazy cant be bothered to learn a new song OR play a show?!

Anonymous said...

would you be so kind as to guesstimate how much its going to cost to purchase all 5? were in a recession and i'm broke!

hotdog said...

yo joeleo, I was in the bfg but the song is by marky, besides walker kong stole my bats song, so can it.

-a. kaffer